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CHOOSE FROM ONE OF OUR CORE COURSES BELOW OR CONTACT US FOR SOMETHING MORE TAILORED TO YOUR NEEDS: Outdoor First aid: 19/20 March; 16/17 April; 25/26 June; 27/28 Aug; 1/2 Oct; 19/20 Nov

EFAW (+F): 18 Jan; 1st March; 27 April; 31 May; 30 June; 24 Aug; 25 Oct; 23 Nov



Course Two

Advanced First Aid: 2 Day

Proposed date: 5/6 Feb 2022 – Tweed Valley Venue

Taking things up to the next level, if you are working far from help
this is the course for you. We have worked with ITC to design a course
that will challenge and stretch those of you who have done the outdoor
course for years. Working from the same foundations we hold so dear at
FAB – Using vital signs assessment to determine “Big or little sick”
and doing a very good primary survey we will develop skills in
monitoring and recognising the onset of medical conditions,
deteriorating casualties and subsequent management of these. This
course will incorporate the mandatory outdoor first aid so you will be
getting the right qualification but in a more dynamic and challenging

Course Four

Thrive Academy: The essentials

Adventure is a great backdrop for exploring resilience, we do it all the time when we bike, swim, climb, run, walk and ski….  

At FAB we have created our own course. Developed by Jen, after years of working in the adventure sector we have designed a course to unpack the subject of resilience.  This course looks at how we can develop personal insights into our strategies for thriving.

The workshop will look at how our mental/physical and emotional fitness are connected to the Place we are in, the purpose we have and the people in our lives.  

Our session will begin by looking at values and choices, exploring the lives of Thrivers we can will find lots of useful top tips to apply in our own situations.


Course duration online is around 90 mins


Course Six

ITC First Aid at Work

This qualification is designed to provide you, as a first aider, with life saving skills but differs form the Emergency First Aid at Work course in its increased content and focus. This course is designed to give you the knowledge to enable you to manage a casualty and/or life threatening incidents or where the the First Aider may have to manage illness, injury, poisoning or burns. A work place risk assessment will determine whether as an employer you need this more comprehensive course. Topics include roles and responsibilities of a first aider, how to deal with a collapsed casualty (and whether they are breathing effectively or not), choking, bleeding, shock, seizures and minor workplace incidents as well as first aid kit suggestions. Managing major illnesses, common and serious workplace injuries, poisoning, anaphylactic shock, burns and eye injury are also included. The nitty gritty there is a minimum 18 hour instructor contact time with a 1:12 instructor ratio. The certificate is valid for 3 years although the HSE do recommend a 3 hour refresher on an annual basis (we can deliver that too, just enquire!). This course is often delivered over 3 days. Assessment by 3 multiple choice questionnaires and ongoing observation throughout the course.

Other Standard Courses Include

First Aid for Sport, Exercise and Fitness (this is ideal for Young Coaches)

Basic Life Support and the Use of an Automated External Defibrillator

Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation and the Use of an Automated External Defibrillator

BESPOKE TRAINING If you haven’t seen what you want, contact us, we’d be more than happy to help if we can. Just drop us an e-mail with you enquiry and a little background and we will get back to you.

Whatever your First Aid needs we can help you to achieve them

Course Dates

FAB Adventures Ltd offers regulated and accredited first aid training from “Mountainside to Pitchside”. We work regularly with outdoor instructors and sports coaches and within industry often working with gamekeepers, tradesmen and office workers.  Our courses are recognised by all NGB’s in the Outdoor and Sports sector in particular we are a provider for the Scottish Youth Football Association. Our courses are delivered by highly trained and experienced trainers often with a background in Mountain Rescue.  All trainers focus on their candidates becoming “Advanced at the Basics”. We have a well researched and practiced method behind our teaching, this allows us to build confidence and skills while making training great fun.

* Please see our Terms & Conditions prior to booking.

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Outdoor First Aid and Incident Management (16hrs): 27/28th November 2021: 0900-1800 Central Edinburgh: Discount code for volunteers available Out of stock £120.00 Read more
"Superb training" "Best course I have ever done" "Combining years of experience in the outdoors as an instructor with MRT knowledge, what a great combination for a training course" Just some of our feedback from this course, come along and find out for yourself!  We cover all you would expect and a bit more!  From Basic life support and spinal injuries to managing an incident and the walking wounded....  Scenario based teaching both inside and outside the classroom. Lead by Jen Isherwood, FAB director and senior trainer.
First Aid for Mountain Bikers: Tweed Valley based - Thursday 2nd December: 6-9pm 14 in stock
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Emergency First Aid at Work (+ F at request): 18th January 2022, Peebles 12 in stock
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First Aid for Mountain Bikers: Central Edinburgh- Tuesday 14th December: 6-9pm 11 in stock
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Emergency First Aid at Work (+ F at request): 1st March 2022, Peebles 12 in stock
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